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The Finest of Times

William T. (Will) Sims '09

The ”finest of times” for me has to be attending seventh through ninth grades at the Rectory School, graduating in 2009; and one of my fondest memories is my ninth-grade acting experience. I participated in a play called "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” where I acted the role of Augustus Gloop, a gluttonous child who is memorable for falling into the chocolate river after attempting to eat candy he was explicitly instructed not to eat. 

In the Rectory production, Augustus was characterized as a greedy, heavyset German kid who loved to eat food. However, I thought it ironic that I was the one who assumed the “Gloop” role, in particular, because I fit the exact opposite description. I was 4'9” and just shy of 90 pounds, so it was required that I wear a fat suit. That play was the first time I had ever had an opportunity to act, let alone play a key role in the cast!

Despite being extremely nervous, I was able to overcome the fear of performing in front of a crowd and successfully deliver a world-famous musical to Rectory's extended family and the Pomfret community. Thank you, Rectory, for giving me a platform to challenge my growth and develop my creative desire. Since then, my creative interest has grown expeditiously, my passion for the arts is far greater, and my belief in my ability to conquer my fear is stronger than the fear that once stunted my growth.

Forever Rectory.

Image:  Will Sims (right) in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." Rectory Archives, 2009

  • 2000s

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