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My Rectory "Babe" Memories

Rachel (Schoppe) Rogers '99

I think it was in sixth grade when Mr. Lott was our science teacher; he was one of the best! Our class was going to dissect a piglet. I remember a few of us dreading that day because the movie Babe had recently come out in theaters. Babe, a young pig who is raised on a sheep farm and learns to herd sheep, is the hero of the movie. How could we possibly dissect Babe? Inevitably, the big day came. For some reason, we named our piglets - I don't know if we had to - and that just made us even more attached! Following the dissection, I remember the whole class disposing of the piglets by giving them a very solemn goodbye at the dumpster. I don't know why this memory sticks out for me. I have wonderful memories of my classmates. We were a tight-knit group that spent the better part of eight years together, moving on from Rectory to Pomfret School.

Image: Students in Mrs. Bastow's 8th-Grade Science class dissecting a chicken leg. (Photo/Dawn Chmura 2022)

  • 1990s

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