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Stories For A Century

Rectory is preparing a magazine-style publication to celebrate its Centennial, and we are seeking your personal narratives on what Rectory was like when you were on campus.  Read some stories below, and then please send us your memories. 

Sharing our stories. Sharing our lives.
Centennial Spirit. Centennial Pride.

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Color photograph of interior of the Rectory School Dining Hall

  The location of the Rectory School dining hall has changed throughout the century. Yet, the lessons learned around its tables remain: treat others with respect, partake in polite conversation, exhibit proper manners, and for goodness’ sake, wash your hands before you sit down to eat!

"Crafting a Time Capsule: The Journey to 100 Years of Voices and Memories

Embarking on the monumental task of collecting a century's worth of memories and voices only to distill them into a singular, captivating publication poses an intriguing challenge. At the heart of this formidable task is a dedicated team spearheaded by Lisa Levesque, Rectory's Archivist. With pride, she sat across from me, holding the result of their collective effort–Rectory's centennial publication, 100 Years of Voices and Memories through the Decades, its matte art deco cover reflecting the timeless essence within. Lisa began to narrate her journey through this momentous project...


Rectory's Salt River MELP campsite with tents in the foreground of mountains and a beautiful blue sky.

Alum from various classes reflect on their MELP experiences. Whether in March or May, students eagerly anticipate the start of the annual Experiential Learning Program (MELP). Providing students with hands-on learning experiences outside of the traditional classroom, each MELP course offers students and teachers alike a chance to study an interest or a passion.It’s all about nurturing our natural curiosities and realizing that learning is all around us. 


Adopting a way of life

Legendary Learning Specialist Fran Morano reflects on the start of her career at Rectory. "It is a privilege to work in an environment where one has the camaraderie and support of so many dedicated people. But perhaps the greatest reward of all is the feeling of making a contribution to the learning experience of so many young people."


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Deal House

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Lisa Levesque, Centennial Coordinator

Rectory School Centennial
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