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Faces of Rectory

What makes excellent academic leadership at Rectory? Designing curriculum that meets the abilities and needs of students is certainly a necessary skill. Schools with the most successful academic programs are also those that employ people who love children, enjoy spending time with them, and want to share their joys and passions with their students. At Rectory, we are fortunate to have a team of educational leaders who make Rectory students a top priority in their lives. Their work schedule does not have the boundaries of a typical 9-5 job, but often extend into nights and weekends and portray the characteristics of a family rather than a job.

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Alysia LaBonte-Campbell, English Teacher
Alysia LaBonte-Campbell, English Teacher

While talking with Mrs. Alysia LaBonte-Campbell about what she enjoys about teaching English, she told me, "Helping students find books that they actually enjoy is very exciting. I was not the biggest reader when I was a freshman in high school, so I understand the reluctance many of our students feel when they are handed another book to read. However, I've found the more excitement and energy I bring to the class, the more my students seem to really dig into the book and are excited to discuss it." She added, "By listening to their discussions or reading, through their responses in homework, the connections students make to what we read is always exciting and enjoyable " When I asked what her favorite book is, she told me it was far too difficult to choose just one.

While previously Mrs. LaBonte-Campbell was an IIP tutor, in addition to teaching English, she now oversees the Ninth-Grade Capstone Project with her colleague Mrs. Jamie Haines. The Capstone Project was introduced during the 2014-2015 academic year. It provides an opportunity for our ninth graders to explore, and consider solutions to, issues that are present in today's society. She said, "It's a valuable experience to have students explore a topic they are passionate about. Beyond providing a chance for students to choose their own course of study, it also helps our students become more in touch with current events, problems, or debates and urges them to work toward considering solutions to these issues and to making a better future."

In the eight years Mrs. LaBonte-Campbell has been at Rectory she's been busy not only as a teacher but also in her own life. She and her now-husband, Evan, started at Rectory on the same day in October 2010. The following year they began dating, followed by their engagement They were married the summer of 2013. The following summer they prepared for the arrival of their son, Nolan. Because she is working on her masters at Middlebury, their summers as a family are spent up in Vermont but they also love the ocean. While Mrs. LaBonte-Campbell played ultimate frisbee in college and has been skydiving, these days she's been getting into CrossFit which she finds really fun.

Her favorite time at Rectory is the fall, perhaps because that is when she started here, but also she said, "because there's an excitement in the air with the new school year, new students, etc. I LOVE fall foliage and love the smell of fall. Everyone and everything has a special energy during that time of year here."

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