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CARe Students Enjoy Visits From Rectory's "Big Kids"
CARe Students Enjoy Visits From Rectory's "Big Kids"
Erin Hayden, Director of CARe

The CARe preschool students love visits from the "big kids" on campus, so we were delighted when Mrs. Sangiolo offered to bring her Community Service elective class to CARe for reading and music. The class has made two special visits this term. In October, the preschoolers shared their Autumn and Halloween songs with the big kids and the middle schoolers read storybooks to the CARe preschoolers. This past Tuesday, after weeks of preschoolers asking if the big kids would visit again, the Community Service class made a second visit. This visit allowed each preschooler to choose a book and a middle school partner to read to them. After stories, the children played together and then everyone sang a few new songs. With a background in children's music and as an active community member, Mrs. Sangiolo has been delighting the children at CARe with her musical gifts for many years. We are so thankful to all the Community Service students and to Mrs. Sangiolo for sharing time and memories with our preschool students. We hope you all visit again soon!