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Boardingware and Travel
Boardingware and Travel
Catherine Bastow, Travel Coordinator

As the vibrant leaves blow from the trees here in New England, and the days get cooler, the Rectory Travel Desk is gearing up ready for a new season too. This year, we are making some significant changes which will further streamline the process and help parents be more interactive in the process of returning students to their families for vacations. As a school community, we have undertaken the implementation of a new school management system named Boardingware, a platform on which parents, school administrators, and most importantly dormitory parents, can easily monitor the movement of boarding students both within the campus and outside of our "four walls."

Boardingware has proved a valuable tool already and the Travel Desk is excited to be at the forefront of the initiative with Thanksgiving Vacation requests. Many parents have already submitted their child's travel plans and have found the process easy and straightforward. Parents received Boardingware invitations earlier in the year and should by now have established parent accounts, enabling them to complete the required Thanksgiving Travel Information Request. Once completed this information is made available to all the adults in your students life; improving communication and safety.

As we move forward, all vacation travel will now be processed through the Boardingware platform, December 2019, Long February Weekend 2020, March 2020, and End of Year June 2020. If you have not yet received your Boardingware invitation, or need assistance to complete the request for your child, please email the Travel Desk at are here to help!