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Centennial Art, Video, and Writing Contest Rules

It’s Rectory’s 100th Anniversary!

Spotlight Rectory through art/photography, video, and writing!

For:  Middle, Elementary, and CARe students

What:  Original art, video, or writing. Show us YOUR Rectory in 2020-2021  ...Rectory’s Centennial year

How:  Submit Cover Sheet (download link found below) and your Work electronically to

Deadline:  Monday, April 12, 2021


EXAMPLES of Art, Video, and Writing Categories

ART: 2-D or 3-D, mixed media, photography, social media post

VIDEO: video short, montage, animation, video essay, documentary

WRITING: personal essay, poem or collection, interview/oral history, personal observation, song



  1. Contest entries are to be original pieces of art, video, or writing created by the entrant(s).

  2. Contest is open to currently-enrolled Rectory students. All school divisions are invited: CARe, Elementary, and Middle School.

  3. Contest opens January 6, 2021 and closes April 12, 2021. Work submitted before January 1, 2021 for use as a part of Rectory’s Centennial is ineligible.

  4. Entries may be submitted by an individual student or a collaboration of no more than two students (not including actors in a video). Group size for CARe students may be determined by the Director of CARe.

  5. A contestant may enter all three categories (art, video, writing) but may submit only ONE work per category. Please include a separate cover sheet with each entry (download link found below for cover sheet).

  6. Cover sheet and entries are to be submitted electronically to Photographs or a video of art entries are expected.

  7. Information for Specific Categories:

    • Art Work: take a photograph or video of your work and submit it electronically 
    • Digital Photographs: shoot in high resolution jpeg, jpg, png
    • Digital Video: format - MP4 or MOV; maximum length - 2 minutes;  maximum size - 2.5 GB 
    • Writing: approximately 200-500 words; poems and songs may vary in length. Submit as a WORD file or Google doc
  8. The contestant agrees to the use by Rectory School of the work and of a photograph of the contestant.  Use includes, but is not limited to, print, online, social media, and website.
  9. When creating content, please remember the Rectory CREED: Honesty, Responsibility, Respect, Compassion. An entry will be disqualified if it is deemed inappropriate as determined by the Rectory School administration or the middle and elementary school handbooks.

  10. Submission indicates acceptance of all contest rules.