Rectory School

An Independent, Coed, Junior Boarding (5-9) and Day School (Early Childhood-9)

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Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube! So much is happening on social media and you don't want to miss a thing-especially when it's about what's happening at your child's school! We would love it if you follow us on all of our channels but for a quick peek into what's happening on Rectory's campus on a daily basis, be sure to check out our Social Media Mashup Page! Click Read More to see one of the videos our 9th-Grade Media Arts class created about Relationships at Rectory School!

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Our Elementary School Students Have Something to Say!

Rectory students in grades 2-5 joined 4 million students from around the world in the Global Read Aloud program. The project was created by Pernille Ripp in 2010 with a simple goal in mind; one book to connect the world. Since then millions of connections have been made in more than 86 different countries. Share their experience by reading the full article.

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Rectory School Infographic with cool information about the sfchool.