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Supporting Language Development
Erin Hayden, Director of CARe

Teachers from the Children at Rectory (CARe) program help Rectory's youngest students learn how to communicate through a variety of planned activities. Click "Read More" to learn how CARe teachers support language development.

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ES Traditions On Ice
Maria Carpenter, Director of Elementary School

As the Elementary School wrapped up another year of winter skating, they celebrated the last day by filming a grade four mannequin challenge. Click "Read More" to read the article, view the mannequin challenge, and read reflections from the 4th graders.

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Fourth-Grade Shadow Day
Melissa Zahansky, Fourth-Grade Teacher

On the morning of February 15 the 4th-grade class experienced a morning in the life of a 5th-grade student. Click "Read More" to read the article and the students' reflections.

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MARS Program to Hold Annual Benefit Concert
Patrick McCarthy, MARS Program Coordinator

Rectory's annual MARS benefit concert will take place this Sunday, February 26 at 2:00 p.m. Tickets for the event are $15. Please click "Read More" for additional information.

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Planning For Graduation Events
Glenn Ames, Director of Middle School

March break is a perfect opportunity for Rectory's 9th graders to shop for their graduation outfits. While your children are home for the break, please be sure the outfits they are planning to wear for graduation are in compliance with the graduation dress code. Please click "Read More" for the dress code for Graduation and Awards Night.

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January One-Sentence Story Contest
Matthew Winkler, Writer-In-Residence

Each month, The Rectory School Community competes in a one-sentence story contest. Each contestant must compose a story in a grammatically correct sentence of just forty words or less. One of those words must be the word of the month. For the month of January, that word was "serve." Many students took inspiration from Rectory's Day of Service on MLK Day, but others took a different interpretation. Click "Read More" to read the winners' entries.

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Rectory Represented at Writers' Conference
Rectory's Communications Office

Matthew Winkler, Rectory's Writer-In-Residence, attended the Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference in Washington DC earlier this month. Please click "Read More" for information about the event and Mr. Winkler.

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Wolf Den Sports Center
Colleen O'Neil, Sports Information Director

Check out this edition of the Wolf Den Sports Center to find out what is going on with your favorite Rectory sports team!

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High Value Learning: Sleep Maximizes Learning
Erin Hayden, Director of CARe

Is your child getting enough sleep? Children acquire vast amounts of new information each day through their senses, in their environment, and in the classroom. It is during sleep that a child's brain cements new information to memory and makes connections to seemingly distantly related ideas.

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