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Rectory School News

High-Value Learning: Two Books, One Message
Rebecca Pagitt-Mungai, Director of Learning Services

The Alchemist and The End of Average provided the opportunity for the Committee for Academic Excellence (CAE) team to reflect this summer upon the tenants that shape our daily interactions with students and each other. Our continuous pursuit to provide academic and co-curricular programs that meet students where they are and support an explicitly diverse and unified community resonated throughout both books.

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9th-Grade Leadership
Glenn Ames, Director of the Middle School

At 8:30 in the morning on September 11, Rectory's 9th-grade class and 6 chaperones departed campus for YMCA Camp Woodstock, where students spent the day with men and women trained in the art of teaching leadership. Students also had the opportunity to push themselves beyond their comfort zone and, in the end, returned to campus with a better understanding and appreciation of what it means to be a leader.

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Building Our Community - ES Parent Curriculum Night
Maria Carpenter, Director of Elementary School

On Thursday, September 14, Elementary School families gathered in the evening at Rectory School to learn a little more about their child's academic day. Parents had the opportunity to ask questions about their child's experience, and participate in the process of creating three collaborative goals for their students to focus on for the academic year.

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CARe Students Meet Middle School Buddies
Erin Hayden, Director of CARe

Life Skills and the CARe preschool students plan to collaborate all year, providing opportunities for 8th-grade students to share in the preschool curriculum and outdoor play. The initial meeting is the first step in developing long-lasting friendships.

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The Wolf Den: News & Calendars
Dawn Chmura, Director of Communications

Stay informed with what is happening at Rectory by signing up for news alerts and adding Rectory calendars to your computer or mobile device.

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