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An Interview with Rectory's Chaplain
Glenn Ames, Assistant Headmaster and Director of Middle School

As I sat in Christ Church last Tuesday, along with the 100 or so students who make up our 8th and 9th grade, I could not help but wonder if Rectory parents knew what takes place, twice a month, in this wonderful space. Rectory schedules a monthly chapel service for our younger students (Grades 4-7), and our older students (Grades 8-9) as well. We went to this split-chapel system because we wanted our younger students to have the opportunity to perform in front of their peers, an experience less frequent when the entire school attended all at once. While sitting in a pew alongside a row of students, I was struck by their focused attention, hanging it appeared, on Mr. Bryant's every word. "I enjoy listening to his message," noted one student, and he can sing!" So without further ado, meet Rectory's chaplain:

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High Value Learning: Outdoor Learning is Elementary!
Maria Carpenter, Director of Elementary

Our Rectory School campus gives us wonderful environments just outside our beautiful new windows for children to explore. As spring has arrived in Northeast Connecticut, our elementary teachers have researched appropriate outdoor experiences to enhance the classroom curriculum.

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High Value Learning: Sleep Maximizes Learning
Erin Hayden, Director of CARe

Is your child getting enough sleep? Children acquire vast amounts of new information each day through their senses, in their environment, and in the classroom. It is during sleep that a child's brain cements new information to memory and makes connections to seemingly distantly related ideas.

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Rectory Student Wins First Place In Statewide Film Contest
Stacey Sherman, President of The Sherman Group

The Rectory School in Pomfret has a lot to be proud of, and the list just got longer. Rectory student Jeffrey Wang just won first place in the Envision Kindness statewide student film contest. Equally as exciting, as a result of the experience of participating in the contest, Ryan T. Finnegan of Rectory's English Department noted that "...students were going out of their way to produce simple acts of kindness."

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Rectory School Opens New Academic Building with Ribbon Cutting
Dawn Chmura, Director of Communications

Rectory celebrated the opening of the new academic addition with a Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on January 23. Rectory students and faculty were excited to walk through, and more importantly, occupy the space for the first time on Monday.

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Middle School Academic Awards
Paul Gray, Communications Associate

On Friday, December 9 during morning assembly, Rectory hosted our Fall Term Awards for our Middle School students. We honored students for academic honors, effort honors, academic and effort honors, and Distinguished Academic Awards in which some teachers nominated students from their classes. The honors and awards were to recognize and congratulate students for their high grades and effort marks in all their classes. The Distinguished Academic Awards were for teachers to recognize a student who has been going above and beyond in the classroom and who exemplifies the Rectory Tenets in their schoolwork and interactions with their classmates in class. Mr. Williams began the ceremony by congratulating all students for not only an excellent term in the classroom but on the athletic fields and dorms, as well.

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Rectory Teachers Should Wear Body Cams
Mary Lou Seaward, Rectory's Head Elf

As a "picture person," I have snapped a few photos documenting acts of kindness at Rectory, but imagine if the adults at Rectory wore body cams... The results would be a glimpse into the demonstration of character that we witness in our hallways, on the athletic fields, and on our dorms.

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Holiday Pops Concert
Dawn Chmura, Director of Communications

Rectory's Holiday Pops Concert was a lovely way to ring in the season.

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