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High-Value Learning: Two Books, One Message
Rebecca Pagitt-Mungai, Director of Learning Services

The Alchemist and The End of Average provided the opportunity for the Committee for Academic Excellence (CAE) team to reflect this summer upon the tenants that shape our daily interactions with students and each other. Our continuous pursuit to provide academic and co-curricular programs that meet students where they are and support an explicitly diverse and unified community resonated throughout both books.

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Author and Illustrator, Peter Brown Visits Campus
Lisa Walsh, Assistant Director of Communications

On Monday, September 18, 2017 we are thrilled to welcome Peter Brown, award winning author and illustrator, for a FREE Public Event. Following the 4:30 p.m. event we will host a book signing (books can be purchase for $15 each - cash or check only).

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High-Value Learning: Summer Reading at Rectory
Maria Carpenter, Director of ES

The summer months offer perfect opportunities to slow down and enjoy a good book. Whether on the beach or your favorite resting spot, we invite you to join us in our summer reading!

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High-Value Learning: Supporting Executive Function Skills
Scott Greene, Director of Learning Services

One of the strengths of Rectory School's Individualized Instruction Program (IIP) is that the tutors work with their students on a daily basis to build and strengthen executive skills (planning, focusing attention, remembering instructions, and juggling multiple tasks).

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Rectory's Seussical Performances
Dawn Chmura, Director of Communications

Rectory's performances of Seussical were outstanding! Both casts showed their incredible musical talents. If you didn't get the chance to watch the performances, please click "Read More" for access to the taped shows.

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High Value Learning: Play-Based Learning
Erin Hayden, Director of CARe

Education is redefining what success means for students as they step out of the classroom and into the workforce. There have been an abundance of articles, ideas, and conversations about arming students with 21st-century skills, personalized learning experiences, and social-emotional intelligence. It may come as a surprise that these ideas have long been in practice in the field of early childhood education through play-based learning.

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9th-Grade Capstone Fair
Alysia LaBonte-Campbell, Capstone Leader

On May 5th, students, faculty, and friends of Rectory supported our ninth graders during the 3rd Annual Capstone Fair. Every ninth grader was beaming with pride, and so happy to share the culminating moment of all their hard work with each and every guest.

As a community, we couldn't be more proud of their success!

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9th-Grade Capstone Fair - Friday, May 5
Alysia Labonte-Campbell and Jamie Haines, Capstone Coordinators

First implemented during the 2014-2015 academic year, the Capstone provides an opportunity for our ninth graders to explore, and consider solutions to, issues that are present in today's society. In order to complete this project, ninth graders are paired with a faculty Capstone Leader who provides guidance throughout the process of researching, writing an essay, and crafting a poster. This project culminates with a ninth grade Capstone Fair, during which faculty, students, and outside visitors are invited to view and discuss these projects with the ninth graders.

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Boston Reception
Amy Lusa, Alumni Relations and Special Events Coordinator

Rectory alumni, parents, faculty, and friends are invited to join us at Harpoon Brewery for a social event on Wednesday, May 17 at Harpoon Brewery and Beer Hall!

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An Interview with Rectory's Chaplain
Glenn Ames, Assistant Headmaster and Director of Middle School

As I sat in Christ Church last Tuesday, along with the 100 or so students who make up our 8th and 9th grade, I could not help but wonder if Rectory parents knew what takes place, twice a month, in this wonderful space. Rectory schedules a monthly chapel service for our younger students (Grades 4-7), and our older students (Grades 8-9) as well. We went to this split-chapel system because we wanted our younger students to have the opportunity to perform in front of their peers, an experience less frequent when the entire school attended all at once. While sitting in a pew alongside a row of students, I was struck by their focused attention, hanging it appeared, on Mr. Bryant's every word. "I enjoy listening to his message," noted one student, and he can sing!" So without further ado, meet Rectory's chaplain:

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