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High-Value Learning: Faculty Professional Development
Rebecca Pagitt-Mungai, Director of Learning Services

A glimpse into any classroom will reveal the wonders of learning. From students discussing passages of Fahrenheit 451 to participating in a dissection, the energy and excitement of student learning is palpable. Yet, equally important, and just as inspiring is witnessing faculty learning.

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High Value Learning: Beyond The Classroom Walls
Erin Hayden, Director of CARe

Outdoor learning, field trips, MELP, and community service, just to name a few, provide Rectory students with face-to-face contact with experts in their field, concrete learning, and community initiatives that show students the importance of kindness and giving.

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High Value Learning: What is Your Story?
Maria Carpenter, Director of Elementary

Everyone has a story, and at Rectory we want our students to know that they are appreciated just the way they are for their uniqueness. The theme of "What is Your Story?" is incorporated into the new artistic bookshelf that is located in the elementary bridge connecting grade 4 to the Hale Elementary Wing. The bookshelf was a vision designed by the current elementary teachers to embrace all of the students who have attended our elementary school.

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Rectory Participates in Sound Garden
Maria Sangiolo, IIP Tutor

Two Rectory students and one faculty member recently participated in a Dedication Ceremony of a new Sound Garden at the Pomfret Public Library.

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K-9 Admissions Open House
Lisa Walsh '84, Assistant Director of Communications

Rectory's K-9th Grade Open House is scheduled for Thursday, November 2 beginning at 8:45 a.m. Please encourage friends and family members with Rectory-age children to register to attend.

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Random Acts of Kindness
Lisa Walsh '84, Assistant Director of Communications

A kind gesture or word can really help someone's day here at Rectory so we recognize students and faculty who make that extra effort without expecting anything in return. We even have a dedicated email for it and students and faculty can email in about the person they wish to nominate.

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Zombies Invade Pomfret!
Dawn M. Chmura, Director of Communications

Rectory middle school students, with the assistance of faculty members and a special "Black and Orange" antidote, triumph over Zombie invasion on campus!

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HEADLINES: Kindness is the New Cool
Fred Williams, Headmaster

If I were counting, I could list dozens of reasons why I am glad school is back in session. This week the reason most evident, and most heartwarming, was that our students care. They care about each other, they care about the adults in the community, and they care about our world. The manifestations of this care take many forms. Please click through to read more.

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High-Value Learning: Fall Electives 2017
Glenn Ames, Director of Middle School

Rectory's elective program gives our students an exploratory experience in a variety of disciplines. This year students had the opportunity to take part in programs such as community service, robotics, chess, and Fantasy Geopolitics, as well as two new programs, Kerbal Space program and Silk-screen t-shirt making.

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Shooting Hoops for Another Year
Lisa Walsh '84, Assistant Director of Communications

Rectory's Hoops for Hunger program, a Rectory-run basketball clinic that benefits local food banks, will take place on the mornings of October 28, November 4, and November 11. This clinic is open to boys and girls, ages 8-14. Participants do not need to be a student at Rectory.

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