Watch Our Tree Bear Fruit!

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The Giving Tree Catalog has many possibilities for everyone to choose.  Your willingness to make these wishes a reality promotes new growth for our students, our faculty, the classroom, and our campus. Through your generosity, Rectory blossoms!


Support Rectory Online

If you would like to purchase items, simply click the link above! This will bring you to The Rectory School credit card donation page. The donation type is "Annual Fund." Fill in the appropriate dollar amount and where it says, "This donation is in honor of" please enter the item number and name in the box.

Thank you to our donors who have funded these items:

$200 for Professional Development Resources
$1,282 for a Mac Laptop
$1,100 for a High Quality DSL Camera with Video
$400 for a Video Camera
$200 for a Compact Point & Shoot Camera
$306 for a Wizcom Reading Pen 2
$75 for Apps for iPads
$450 for a Double-Sided Mobile Book Cabinet
$400 for a Game Table
$2,000 for a SmartBoard for the Music Department
$200 for an Adjustable Piano Bench
$492 for 6 sections of Wall Padding for the Wrestling Room
$1,540 for 4 New Floor Reels for the Fencing Program
$390 for 3 sets of Fencing Gear Starter Sets for the Fencing Program
$86 for 2 Electric Foils for the Fencing Program
$60 for 2 Multi-Weapon Bags for the Fencing Program
$140 for 14 8"x10" Black Frames for Dorm Common Rooms
$200 for Trees & Shrubs
$300 for Flowering Bulbs
$40 for Perennials & Annuals