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Faces of Rectory

What makes excellent academic leadership at Rectory? Designing curriculum that meets the abilities and needs of students is certainly a necessary skill. Schools with the most successful academic programs are also those that employ people who love children, enjoy spending time with them, and want to share their joys and passions with their students. At Rectory, we are fortunate to have a team of educational leaders who make Rectory students a top priority in their lives. Their work schedule does not have the boundaries of a typical 9-5 job, but often extend into nights and weekends and portray the characteristics of a family rather than a job.

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Braden Long, Directory of Summer@Rectory Program - Physics Teacher
Braden Long, Directory of Summer@Rectory Program - Physics Teacher

The staff at Rectory often travel different roads to get here and for Braden Long it started when he was working on campus as a painter for the summer back in 1999. That eventually lead to his first job here in 2002 as a sixth grade substitute math teacher. He soon moved to teach eighth grade science, a subject he has been passionate about most of his life. "I love knowing how and why things work," he explained to me as we chatted in the Hettinger Library.

Mr. Long soon became a dorm parent in Upper Memorial and took on the added responsibilities of coaching cross country, girls basketball and boys lacrosse. Around 2009 or so (although the exact date escapes him) Mr. Long became Director of Residential Life for about five years. During that period he also was the Dean of Boys for three years.

In 2011 he resigned from both of these positions and returned to teaching. He teaches ninth grade physics, coaches boys lacrosse and cross country in addition to being a dorm parent. His love of interacting with the students and encouraging them to mingle with others from different cultures led to running the dining hall for the last two years. In this role, he oversees the sit down meals that run Monday to Thursday and the student wait staff who serve the meals.

Before becoming the Director of the Summer@Rectory Program this year, he co-directed it for two years. "I love it because you get a small group of kids and you have a short period of time to see them come together."

You are probably wondering if Mr. Long has any free time and if so, what he does in it? He told me that he has the travel bug! While visiting Vietnam is top of his wish list, this August vacation he'll be visiting California. Oh, and he's also the proud "father" of one of our 13 dogs on campus, Polo, a shy rescue border collie.

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