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Faces of Rectory

What makes excellent academic leadership at Rectory? Designing curriculum that meets the abilities and needs of students is certainly a necessary skill. Schools with the most successful academic programs are also those that employ people who love children, enjoy spending time with them, and want to share their joys and passions with their students. At Rectory, we are fortunate to have a team of educational leaders who make Rectory students a top priority in their lives. Their work schedule does not have the boundaries of a typical 9-5 job, but often extend into nights and weekends and portray the characteristics of a family rather than a job.

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Diana Richardson, Headmaster's Assistant
Diana Richardson, Headmaster's Assistant

Every person who works at Rectory School contributes to the overall unity and family atmosphere at the school. Whether they are tending the grounds, keeping our offices clean, answering phones, or greeting visitors the welcome that one feels on campus is palpable. Diana Richardson, Headmaster's Assistant, with her captivating smile and wonderful laugh, is just one of those people.

Mrs. Richardson came to Rectory in 2009 and worked in the education office. A year later, Mr. Williams offered her the position of his assistant. "We make a good team," she said. "We have a great working relationship, which makes it a pleasure to come into work each day." Sometimes the headmaster's office can be perceived as a bit intimidating, and people worry about popping in, but Mrs. Richardson offers that friendly face just inside the door that makes everyone feel at ease. Her bowl of candy probably helps, as well!

What does she love about working at the school? "I love that the staff members are cheerleaders for one another, you don't get that kind of attitude everywhere. My favorite thing is to work with other offices on different projects." Mrs. Richardson is quite the organizer and I discovered that not only does she coordinate all the volunteer activities on the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, she also plays an integral part in planning graduation each year.

"The Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service is a great day for the school. Students do volunteer activities both on and off campus. For example, last year one group made cupcakes for Meal on Wheels while others helped in an animal shelter, local churches, and senior homes."

Mrs. Richardson has also been the chair of the CAIS (Connecticut Association of Independent Schools) Commission of Heads Assistants for the last two years. Each year she is involved with planning their conference in addition to her numerous duties here on campus.

She clearly loves Rectory's students which makes sense as not only is she the mother of three successful daughters, but also a grandmother of eight. Every November, Mrs. Richardson and her husband, Wayne, (who is a tutor at Rectory) open their home to three or four students and bring them to their house for the Thanksgiving holiday. They'll also take students home over the long February weekend.

During her vacation time, Mrs. Richardson loves to travel. This past August she went to Scotland with one of her daughters, and at the end of October she's off to Ireland – for the fifth time! She told me she's probably travelled to Europe about twenty-three times. She's seen tulips in Holland, been to Paris, and has gone to Wales multiple times since her mother and stepfather lived there for many years.

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